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13. Two Roads
this girl was born special.

she sees things that nobody else does
and has the ability to save the world.
but she’s frail,
and afraid,
and the whole world is against her.

cue her guardian angel.

this girl made herself special
and she happens to drop by
right when the first girl thinks everything is lost.

they work well together. 

and then they both die and everything was completely pointless.

(no wait what)

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he is dead and gone.
let him be forgotten —
let his name be no more spoken,
let his final words be disregarded.

let him be as powerless in death
as he was while alive.
not a phantom haunting our sleep,
but a shadow,
chased away by the light.

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The fastest kid at my school used to run laps
around the track field every morning.
(This was before he left, obviously.)

He’d stay,
hours after school ended,
just running laps. 

As everyone else went home, they’d all pause a moment
to watch him.

What was he running from?
What was he chasing?

Did he manage to catch it?

Did it catch him?

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"i’m a nice person"

show, don’t tell

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you, my friend,
are no Lewis Carrol.

you don’t have
his way
with words.

say what you mean.

and look me in the eyes
when I’m talking.

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Oh yeah it’s poetry month.
Well, not for long.

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was the Year of Dead Authors
people I knew
only by reputation
and their wonderful books

but death’s creeping closer now
people I respect and admire
that I’ve never talked with
but spent so much time listening to

one died eight days
after her last
virtual words

they sounded so happy

I’m staring at the date stamp between
“I’m so psyched for next month!”
“I am sad to say our friend passed away just last night…”

it hurts so much

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Writers who make up new genres for their stories when there’s already a genre that fits it perfectly well

Writers who insist that they’re original and unique when they really, really aren’t

Writers who argue with critiques by claiming “that’s my style” and “obviously you are not the audience for this”

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