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I’m learning the science of music. I am learning which notes produce consonance and which dissonance, what an octave is and how to calculate the ratio between a note and its harmonic interval. I can’t play the piano, but I know what makes it beautiful — and next time I listen, the music will fill me in ways I can finally understand.

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Would you like me better
if I said
my family would disapprove of you?

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New grey suit, it’s pretty sharp

Looks like it has shoulder pads,

but it’s all me under there.

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“i don’t understand how someone so — so perfect as you — could love someone like me.”

“yeah,” she said. “i don’t understand, either.”

and it was over.


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honestly, tho.

did anyone really expect high school to be the best time of their life?

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The boy at the coffee shop has finally given me his number. It’s written on the back of a business card, and I’m looking at it right now. I had been sipping my coffee when he gave it to me, so I’ve got a few seconds extra to think of a reaction.

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She’s not all high-and-mighty

It only looks that way
because you chose the low road
every time

and now the offer of a hand up
looks like an accusation
and the righteous anger
at what you’ve done
burns into your back

as much as you’d like to claim
they’re being hypocritical
they wouldn’t do
what you’re being sentenced for.

I would

But seeing you
has given me
my remorse beforehand
and called me to repentance

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If you ever have children, and your children are old enough to go to school, then do them a favor and homeschool them. Have them do sports or something if they want friends. But send them to a school and you risk sending them to certain doom.

The local public school? Its teachers are all refugees from fairy tales.

The private school? The highest-scoring students there are recruited for spy work.

The private boarding school? Do you even have to ask?

My name is Courtney Iona, and I’ve gone to each of those schools in the past four years. I’ve seen what goes on, and I got out as soon as possible. Trust me, when your principal is the Big Bad Wolf and he’s still looking for Little Red Riding Hood, you don’t want to stick around for long. I regret nothing.

Well. I do regret one thing.

If you hang out with me for a bit, I can tell you about it. Deal?

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what is this

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I’ve got
a message

except no I don’t

did someone send me an ask
or did they not

tumblr make up your mind